ArrangeMeA... Venue

When every element of your event or celebration has been tailored to your exact wishes, why compromise on the venue itself?

Sometimes a space lends itself so perfectly to the event you have planned that you can't imagine holding it anywhere else. Finding those spaces is an ArrangeMeA speciality.

We specialise in the distinctive and the memorable. Ask us to find a castle or mansion and we’ll scour the land for the one that matches your brief precisely.

Ask us for something a little more unconventional and you’ll find literally anything is possible. An engagement party on a bandstand? A Midsummer Night’s Dream party in a London park? A period themed celebration in a Tudor barn?

Challenge us and let your - and our - imaginations run riot.

Create your own space

A marquee creates flexible, customisable space you can tailor to the requirements of the event and the needs of your guests. It is the venue that comes to you: pristine pavilions, tents or canopies that transform your land into a celebratory space.

We work with a number of structure specialists who provide event spaces that can be small and intimate, or grand and spacious. Into those spaces we pour all our event management experience to create unforgettable experiences.

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